Sep 21, 2016
Lytix Biopharma develops second generation oncolytic molecules for deep seated tumors

As part of Lytix Biopharma's pipeline, the company is exploring novel second generation oncolytic molecules for treatment of deep seated tumors.

LTX-401 is a novel oncolytic β-amino acid derivative with potential immunogenic properties. Two papers have recently been published in high-quality peer-reviewed journals as products of a collaboration with University of Tromsø, Norway, and Institute Gustav Roussy, France.

The data presented in these two papers indicate that LTX-401 stimulates immunogenic cell death through several pathways upstream of mitochondrial membrane permeabilization, and has the ability to induce complete regression in solid tumors.  LTX-401 is currently tested in pre-clinical liver cancer models.

The first paper entitled: “The Cytolytic Amphipathic β(2,2)-Amino Acid LTX-401 Induces DAMP Release in Melanoma Cells and Causes Complete Regression of B16 Melanoma”  was published in PLOS ONE (Eike et al, PLOS ONE. 2016). The second paper entitled: “The oncolytic compound LTX-401 targets the Golgi Apparatus” was recently published in Cell Death and Differentiation (Zhou et al. Cell Death and Differentiation, 2016).