Nov 1, 2017
Upcoming shareholder meetings in Harstad, Tromsø and Oslo

Lytix Biopharma wants to give shareholders an update on status for the company and the plans ahead.

CEO Edwin Klumper and CFO Torbjørn Furuseth will do a presentation on behalf of Lytix the following places/dates:


·        Harstad/Monday 6 Nov 2017, 12AM,  Scandic Harstad

·        Tromsø/Tuesday 7 Nov 2017, 10AM, Radisson Blu Hotel

·        Oslo/Wednesday 8 Nov 2017, 12AM, Forskningsparken (room Hagen 4)


All shareholders who wants to participate are welcome – and asked to sign up for the meetings by sending an e-mail to latest the day before the meeting.