Partnerships and collaborations have been a critical part of Lytix Biopharma’s strategy and will continue to be a focus for our future growth. To date, we have developed significant scientific and commercial alliances that enable us to drive our proprietary programs forward, while retaining significant value in the downstream potential of our internal programs.

We are actively exploring alliances that complement our expertise in peptide and small molecule product development with important scientific, clinical and development capabilities. These alliances generally incorporate our technology platform, pre-IND product candidates and small molecule development capabilities.


At Lytix, we are looking for, and open to, collaborations and partnerships for our two leading programs.

  • LTX-315 is currently in two Phase II clinical trials. This asset is suited for readily accessible tumors,  among them: metastatic melanoma, basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma, head and neck cancer, sarcoma and breast cancer.
  • LTX-401 is currently in late preclinical development and has completed IND- and CTA-enabling studies. This asset is targeting high unmet medical needs in deep-seated tumor lesions, particularly liver and colorectal cancer.
  • The versatility of our technology platform and pre-clinical assets opens avenues to a number of different types of commercial collaborations.


Current partnership:

Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc (Verrica), currently conducting a Phase II trial with LTX-315 (VP-315).

Verrica has a worldwide license to develop and commercialize LTX-315 for dermatological oncology indications, except metastatic melanoma and metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma. Under the license agreement, Lytix may receive total payments of more than $110 million as a signing fee and upon achievement of certain clinical, regulatory and sales milestones, as well as tiered royalty payments in the double-digit teens.

Verrica is a US based, (Nasdaq: VRCA), dermatology therapeutics company developing medications for skin diseases requiring medical interventions. On July 21, 2023, Verrica’s lead product, YCANTH™ (cantharidin), became the first treatment approved by the FDA to treat pediatric and adult patients with molluscum contagiosum, a highly contagious viral skin infection affecting approximately 6 million people in the United States, primarily children.

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